The stars looked as if God himself had poked a needle through fine silk, creating a chaotic sequence of stars that somehow we made into constellations, aligned perfectly. It reminded me of the first time my dad bought home a telescope, he pointed to the sky and told me “there’s Saturn” but I couldn’t see the rings till he lifted me to the eyepiece. It’s a strange feeling, being able to stare into a galaxy full of extraordinary wonders that one can’t quite believe in. It reminded me of the first time he pointed to the perfectly sculpted line of stars and told me “there’s Orion” and I beamed the next time I could remember it, and then came the Big Dipper and the 7 sisters. It was mesmerising. Looking up and seeing stars all so close together when in actuality they were light years apart. Hearts dancing around the Galaxy, never touching, merely brushing lightly as the universe sang at different frequencies. It felt like looking at the sky for the first time, with an open mind and somehow everything I had previously felt was erased. The heavy lungs, the sinking heart, the busy mind. Gone with the wind that brushed against my skin and swept individual hairs across my collarbones at 4am in the morning. The milky way swept over our house like a lace shawl being draped over elegant shoulders, carefully caressing every curve of the sky. Planets hung like pearl earrings and freckled stars echoed the words of a thousand angels I have yet to believe in. I could feel my soul gently peeling away from my own skin and beaconing me into that glorious sky as if I myself could dance with the stars and lift other beautiful souls into the sky in whips of silver like the stars that shot overhead.

It was time to leave, so I closed my eyes slowly to make sure they were still there, that the universe wasn’t teasing me. As I lifted them I could feel the atmosphere kissing every inch of bare flesh like gentle lovers in the twilight. I left it there, the universe on my doorstep.


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