child of the lake

in the willows, where the swallows stoop and chorus, a girl lay. she  with rosy cheeks and ivory skin, dolly’s glossy eyes and gossamer hair, thick curls like molasses. clovers sprouted in her veins, buttercups spilt from her cherry lips. roots like a lighting bolt beneath her skin. paper thin, it fractured and flowed bees from honey comb arteries. pollen danced round her, a fairy in the grass commanding her chorus. blankets of gold dust and fresh white lilies. child of the lake. infant of the moon. girl looked like a snowdrop, dewy eyelashes and pearl nails. spirits like the clearest aqua flaunt angels round her head. mist resting over her, caressing her. the sky kissed her pale cheeks, grazed her jaw. pools pulled her into their sweet embrace as the willows bowed.


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