snow globe

there is nothing more painful than an unattainable goal. you tell them, and yourself that you are content. you’re fine. you’ll wait forever. but that isn’t how it feels. or will be. you can feel it in your veins something will happen, no one wants you for this amount of time right? you’re a snow globe. at first a novelty, a fond memory, a symbol of the most perfect time and you’re dusted with silver snow flakes. over time the novelty wears off, only collectors of foolish possessions will hold onto you. the rest will throw you away when they’re bored, and the memories no longer matter. you’ve been replaced by a much fonder time, or a more useful decoration. yet, someone out there may pick you up, recognise your significance. may try to shake you so they see all the beautiful shards, so they can relive the magic for themselves. there will be someone out there who sees that. not just for a few moments, not just whilst they’re browsing for something to hold onto for a short while. there will be someone who will pick you up for everything you are and hold onto you because of it.  I promise.


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